Reasons for not drinking Spanish Wine

There are still too many people in the world who admit not having ever tried Spanish wines. How can this be? What is the reason for Spain being behind and somehow misunderstood when it comes to the country’s wine export and consumer reception?

In Germany for example, where Spain is the third supplier of wine, people in general don’t reject Spanish wines but admit not being truly familiar with them and are usually not fond of trying new things out. In the UK consumers commonly have the same problem plus that those who know about wines even express distaste towards the flavour and quality of Spanish wines in concrete. In the US another truth adds up to the already mentioned details that is the lack of product; one of four consumers cannot find Spanish wines in their usual purchasing points.

So what can and shall we do? How can we fight ignorance and the lack of word of mouth? We can overcome people’s expectations with reasonable prices and offers and above all take advantage of the fact that our country is still number one holiday destination for many foreigners. German, British, US tourists would probably appreciate the possibility of getting to know the concept of cava or Spanish wines in particular during the holidays. Back home they would revive this experience in the purchase of a pleasant holiday memory.

We can do even more; we can improve the quality and educate foreign consumers about our wines. Each wine has its function; it has been elaborated to accompany a certain dish, in most of the cases. The reason that some consumers detect distaste might actually lie in the fact that it hasn’t been food paired correctly. But then again, it’s on us, the producers, to fight this persisting lack of knowledge and to adequately promote our wines in the best possible context. In this sense let’s start to reason why people don’t drink us and let’s start to act.


  1. Mariëlla Beukers
    Nov 27, 2010

    Nice new lay-out, interesting content! Hope to meet again some day, over a glass of Arrels Cava 😉
    Regards from the Netherlands,

  2. alberto de agostini
    Apr 25, 2012

    Tonight I tried your cava reserva and we liked very much and in Italy we have quite good “spumante” as Franciacorta or from Trentino or Prosecco Valdobbiadene.
    But we do like cavas maybe for the different grapes used but I use to order in Barcelona from some shops and they deliver in a short time.One day we like to visit your place.
    Keep going in this direction

  3. very nice

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