Arrels Christmas

Xmas is here. Like every year it happens startling and sudden and like every year it leaves with an abundant note. So Christmas comes and goes however the memory stays with us and that’s the most important, the most wonderful thing about it.

We remember what’s precious to us; a song, a hug, a kiss, a cheer, a present. A shared moment of joy and merry pleasure accompanied by a glass of wine to strengthen the cheery feeling can mean the world. Thus we cheer for Christmas, for an instant, a flash of happiness, the past,  the present and the future. We cheer to seal the cheered and to assure ourselves that we are on our merry way towards a new stream of consciousness.

Yes, we feel merry today writing this post and would like to share this feeling with our friends, clients, fans and readers. Those that drink our Arrels and read our blogs.

Happy Christmas Everybody – May 2011 be splendid and bring golden bubbles and many triumphs to all of us!

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