Welcome to Can Sadurni s.XV a tipical catalan farmhouse, located in the village of Begues at the gates of the Garraf Natural Park and the slopes of Montau, one of the highest peaks of the Garraf, 658 meters above sea level. Through a path surrounded by vines reach the house, one of the oldest and most documented history of the town. Our family roots are dated with a document of death since 1530. This is reflected in the magnificent tree of the family but could still go back to the Neolithic Age according to archaeological excavations conducted there since the 80s, in the Cova de Can Sadurni located on a hill of Montau behind the house. The micro-climate of the area and the particular location of our fields, allows the cultivation of the vine in optimal conditions. The fusion between tradition and passion comes a product: Montau of Sadurní. Wines and cavas from young wines to Grand Reserve, seeking to convey a little of our history.  We are a small traditional family cellar, but looking forward to continue doing what we learned from our ancestors. We live and cultivate the land that offers us a unique product. As the vines that grow in our fields, we have strong and long roots but we want to continue growing and share with you our enthusiasm for a well done job. Enjoy more than 500 years of winemaking tradition. Cheers! 

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